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Quartzite Countertops

The beauty and strength of this natural stone make it a great countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms

Quartzite is a natural stone with properties similar to granite, including hardness and durability. The peculiarities of this stone’s formation make it highly resistant to heat and water, meaning it will remain damage-free for a long time. (On the Mohs scale of hardness, quartzite ranks around 7 out of 10.) Additionally, it has a high resistance to the acids that cause etching.

Quartzite looks like marble. Its unique, swirling grey and white designs make the countertops look interesting and help create an impressive kitchen or bathroom. If you like marble countertops but they’re outside your budget, quartzite is your best bet to get a similar look at a more affordable price.

Natural Stone Examples

Super White Quartzite

Bianco Impala Quartzite

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